Be Ye Ready


The hydrogen of a star/sun gradually burns up and becomes helium. When the core of the star becomes 40% helium the star explodes. Our sun’s core is already 50% helium and scientists cannot answer why our sun has not already exploded. The only answer is that it is God who controls what happens when in the universe.

However, when God’s Perfect time arrives which by the look of it is not very far from now. The Supernatural 7 last plagues will fall upon all who receive the mark of the beast (mark on the right hand or forehead = Sunday worship) all over the world (wicked/disobedient - Revelation 9:20).

The wrath of God (Revelation 15:1), killing every one of the wicked and those who disobey God by not keeping the 10 Commandments of God including worshiping and keeping the 4th commandment - 7th day (Saturday) - Sabbath holy But this will not be universal, they will not fall on those who have the seal of God = Keep all the Commandments of God including the 4th (Saturday-Sabbath keeping).


      1. Noisome, grievous, incurable literal sores fall upon men - Revelation 16:2

Can you imagine sores all over your body! Notice, these gnawing, painful sores will afflict only those who have the mark of the beast and worship his image - Great Controversy 627

      2. The Sea turns to literal blood, killing all sea life (have sores still)Revelation 16:3

All of a sudden the seas & oceans have turned to blood! Like the blood of a dead man, it putrefies and coagulates into a jelly mass. Look at the beaches! Men are afraid – Ibid 628.

      3. The Rivers and fountains of water become blood (have sores still) Revelation 16:4-7

Now, picture them in the pain of their feverish boils turning on their taps for some relief, and out comes water oozing looking like the "blood of a dead man. Where will they drink? They shed the blood of God’s people. Now they have blood to drink – Ibid 628.

      4. The Sun scorches people with intense heat (sores are still present)Revelation 16:8,9

Now something unbelievable happens. The atmospheric layer that shields the earth from the scorching heat fails. Horrible pain is now experienced. The combination of scorching heat and raw sores is excruciating. Air-conditioners will not be able to cope with the intense heat. The buildings will be like ovens. This plague is perfectly suited to the sin of the people. They have honored the "day of the sun" (Sunday) according to the traditions of men - and now God gives them heat of the sun!

  • God's people will still be hiding in desolate places. While the wicked are dying from the pestilence, angels will shield God's faithful people and supply their wants – Ibid 629

      5. The world plunges into total darkness resulting in Pain (sores are still present)Revelation 16:10-11.

Can you imagine that! The human mind is inadequate to conceive of the horror that will engulf all society. People of high society, the rich, men of science, and the ignorant masses will be paralyzed with pain, hate, and panic.

The disobedient have decreed that those who've received God's seal cannot buy or sell. Now they themselves are starving with famine and groping in utter darkness. The whole wicked world is really angry. They've decided that those who honor God's Sabbath of the Bible are the cause of the horrible convulsions of nature and they are determined to kill them! – Ibid 635 & 636.

      6. Satan, Apostate Church & all False Prophets exposed & destroyedRev.16:12-16

In the midst of the chaos, here's where the spirits of devils, by their miracles, prepare the rulers and people of the world and "gather them together" to fight against God and His people. This is the global conflict that is referred to as THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON.

It's earth's final battle between good and evil. All have taken sides. The wicked are in the majority and seemingly have great advantage.

The national Sunday law has spread to all the nations of the world. The Universal law seeks to, in one day destroy all those who have been keeping the commandments of God which includes worshiping and keeping the Sabbath (Saturday) holy.

When the great corrupt, Christian coalition of the world comes to the place
where it causes the leaders ("kings of the earth") to decree that those who will not go along with the Sunday law should be put to death, it brings the world to the place of sealing it's own doom.

The date has been set to strike one stunning blow that will wipe the hated sect from the face of the earth. At midnight the death decree goes into effect
Ibid 624.

    •       In earth’s darkest hour - the Mighty God of heaven will interpose to save His people.

      7. The greatest ever earthquake and hail (each weighing about a talent = 75 lbs) with the 2nd coming of Jesus ChristRevelation 16:17-21.

And what a deliverance! Everything in nature goes haywire. The mountains shake like reeds in the wind. The wicked are paralyzed with terror and look with amazement upon the scene, while the obedient watch with solemn joy at the signs of Jesus appearance, their deliverance.

Ragged rocks are hurled in every direction. The sea lashes in fury. The earth heaves and swells. Its surface is breaking apart. Mountain chains sink. Islands disappear. Wicked cities that have become like Sodom are swallowed up by tidal waves.

Great hailstones, each "about the weight of a talent" are wreaking havoc. A talent = 63 Lbs = 29 Kgs. You can see that these, like cannon balls, will smash the wicked cities to a pulp.

    •       Prison walls tumble down, and God's humble people, who have been held captive because of their faith, are set free.

Many now see that they're lost. They've chosen the easy, popular way - and have received the mark of the beast. They've followed the religious leaders and politicians instead of the plain Word of God. They've been led to believe that the majority couldn't be wrong. Now they turn on their ministers and bitterly reproach them for their state.

Now, there appears in the sky a cloud which betokens the coming of the "King of Kings and Lord of Lords." In solemn silence God's people gaze upon it as it draws nearer and nearer to the earth. Brighter and brighter it becomes, and more glorious, until it's a great white cloud, its glory like consuming fire. Jesus rides forth as a mighty conqueror. "And the armies which were in heaven" follow Him. Revelation 19:11, 14.
The whole heaven seems filled with dazzling angels - "ten thousand times ten thousand,
and thousands of thousands." As the living cloud comes still nearer, every eye beholds the lovely Jesus. There's no crown of thorns on that holy brow, but now a crown of glory rests upon His sacred head. His face will outshine the dazzling sun.

In the middle of their terror the wicked hear the voices of God's people joyfully exclaiming: "Lo this is our God; we have waited for Him, and He will save us." - Isaiah 25:9. - Ibid 637. Please see -

Now, at this second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, all evil is brought to an abrupt end as the wicked are slain by the glory of His appearing (2 Thessalonians 2:8). All the faithful people who kept all the commandments of God including the 7th day Sabbath - who have died or have been martyred from Adam down through the ages are resurrected (Revelation 20:6), they along with the living saints (Saturday - 7th day Sabbath keepers by choice which is the seal of God) will be transformed and taken up to live beyond the stars in God’s home – Heaven, for a thousand years(Revelation 20:4). 

Sin and death will never again touch these people (1 Corinthians 15:54). They shall Judge the wicked those who did not obey God to keep His 10 Commandments including the 7th day holy and for their sins and are condemned (1 Corinthians 6:2).

It is no myth, fable or fairy tale my friend. It is no dream either. This is the truth and nothing but the truth of our future, which we need to decide now to take seriously and decide on whose side we will be, God’s side or Satan’s side. There is no in-between or 3rd alternative. Please see - Luke 16:13 & Revelation 18:4.