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TARGET “X” – THE HOLY BIBLE (2 Corinthians 2:17)

Many years ago a huge guided missile launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida, USA, traveled 1500 miles and zeroed on target “X” with deadly accuracy in the heart of Africa and destroyed it. Please see –

  While the nations have their prime targets in winning a war, mankind has been facing a target “X” of far greater and lasting eternal consequence than any ever pinpointed by the military masterminds of all time.

The target “X” referred to is the book of all books, the Holy Bible. Satan tried all he could to DESTROY IT and when not possible then he produced MANY VERSIONS of the Bible and also made many OMISSIONS in these versions of the Bible.

DESTROY THE BIBLE - The sacred Scriptures have for centuries been attacked by Satan, through men in an attempt to destroy it/them. The good old Bible has withstood every attack, every argument and every insult brought upon it(Mark 13:31). The Bible is a holy book and holy things stand firm and unyielding(Isaiah 40:8).

VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE - When destruction was impossible, Satan conceived to make various versions of the bible to dilute, modify, misinterpret and omit the essentials needed for Christian growth and the plan of salvation from the Holy Bible to mislead the diligent seeker of God and his truth. Some churches have their own versions of the Bible in which they have made changes to suit their own doctrines.

The Authorized KING JAMES VERSION (KJV) is the recommended Bible available to read which is translated from the original stream of preserved text. Please see – Deuteronomy 4:2, Matthew 13:37-43 & Revelation 22:18-19.



1. NIV in Luke 11:2-4 omits key parts of the LORD’S PRAYER.
2. NIV, in Isaiah 14:12 blasphemes CHRIST by putting Him in the place of Lucifer (devil).
3. NIV in Micah 5:2 says Christ has an ORIGIN, wrongly making Him a CREATED being.
4. NIV in Romans 1:29 omits “FORNICATION” from the sins listed with sodomy.
5. NIV in Exodus 20:10 & Colossians 2:14 attacks on the SEVENTH DAY SABBATH.
6. NIV in Ephesians 3:9 removes Christ from being CREATOR.
7. NIV in Revelation 22:14 attacks on COMMANDMENT KEEPING.
8. NIV in I John 5:7, 8 denies the TRINITY and DEITY of CHRIST.
9. NIV in Revelation 12:17 attacks on the REMNANT CHURCH’S IDENTITY.
10. NIV in Daniel 8:14 & Hebrews 9:3-4 attacks on the SANCTUARY DOCTRINE.
11. NIV in Matthew 28:20 & Matthew 24:3 PROMOTES NEW AGE MOVEMENT.
12. NIV omits “FASTING” 5 times, and weakens PRAYER LIFE 3 times (Matthew 17:21).
13. NIV 178 KEY portions of verses are deleted (example – Matthew 20:16).
14. NIV 17 ESSENTIAL verses are completely omitted (example – Matthew 18:11).
15. NIV omits names of JESUS 38 times, CHRIST 43 times, LORD 35 times, GOD 31    
      times and OTHER NAMES OF GOD 26 times. Therefore, total names 173 times.

OBTAIN THE BIBLE - The Holy Bible is a treasure with value beyond estimation (John 5:39).  It is for man what signals are for the engineer on a train, the compass for a ships captain, the radar for the pilot of a jet plane. It is God’s revelation to man (Psalms 119:105). His message of love and divine direction in this confused world of ours (1 Corinthians 14:33).


If a super-natural being (God) was going to provide us with a message system, He would certainly want to ensure its survival and preserve it for mankind to learn of His love for mankind.  What might be the distinguishing characteristics of such a super-natural messaging system?

  1. It would contain a significant amount of PROPHETIC STATEMENTS.
  2. ALL prophecies documented in its pages would COME TRUEall the time.
  3. The design would be CONSISTENTfrom beginning to end.
  4. The messages would be consistent withthe findings of SCIENCE
  5. There would be evidence of INTENTIONAL DESIGNthroughout the pages of the message system.
  6. It would contain message to bring Love, Peace, Joy, Hope, Reproof, Correction, Guidance, etc…
  7. The message sender ensures that His MESSAGEwould survive and BE PRESERVED.

 The Holy Bible is the only religious book in this world that talks about the PAST, PRESENT and the FUTURE. It presents the only living God since ETERNITY PAST, PRESENT & ETERNITY FUTURE (1 Corinthians 15:1-4 & 8:2-6).

 MAKE THE HOLY BIBLE THE GUIDE FOR YOUR LIFE(Isaiah 34:16). Search its pages for true happiness and find the Peace(John 14:27), Power(Isaiah 40:29) and complete Victory (1 John 5:4) which is promised to all who read the Bible, believe in Jesus Christ and live eternally (John 5:24).


In the year 1945 William Ripley, a well known news commentator, stood amid the ruins of the devastated city of Hiroshima, Japan. From that shattered metropolis came these words, “I stand on the spot where the end of the world began”. The dropping of the atomic bomb was a “world shattering event”. Man suddenly found himself living in a different age. The late John F. Kennedy stated-“we live in the most dangerous time in the history of the human race”.Click here to view handout.

Sincere men and women are asking, “Is time running out for our world?(1 Peter 4:7), if so when?”(Mark 1:15). Honest souls everywhere are opening the Holy Bible to see if there is anything there about the future and the end of this world. You too can! See - Mathew 24:1-51.

History confirms that the Holy Bible prophesied thousands of future events of our world that have come to pass with precise timing and fulfillment, a few are

  • Turkey’s Ottoman empire fell on Aug 11, 1840 as predicted by Josiah Litch in 1838 based on Revelation 9:5 & 13-15 (Bible prophesied 541 years and 15 days of the Ottoman empire, see Numbers 14:34 & Ezekiel 4:6). On July 27, 1299 Osman I attacked Nicomedia, the eastern empire suffered 150 years of devastating Turkish Advancement. In 1449 the Emperor-elect of Greco-Roman Empire asked Ottoman Sultan permission to reign. Egypt conquered most of the empire and in 1840 Ottoman Sultan appealed to Europe for help. England, Russia, Austria and Persia ordered Egypt to cease the conquest. This ultimatum reached Egypt on August 11, 1840 - The Midnight Cry, January 6, 1843, pp. 7-10. Many infidels / atheists believed and followed the Bible after this came to pass
  • Israel would be brought forth (or reborn) "out of the nations" - Ezekiel 38:8. On Nov. 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the U.N. approved a resolution calling for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. At precisely 4 pm, May 14, 1948, the 979 Hebrew words of the Scroll of Independence were read. All stood, and adopted. David Ben-Gurion rapped his gavel, declaring, “The State of Israel is established”.
  • The Lisbon earthquake shook 4,000,000 sq. miles with magnitude of about 9.0 killing 100,000 people in 6 minutes at 9:30 am on November 1, 1755 (Revelation 6:12) - Grolier Universal Encyclopedia, [New York, 1965] Volume 12, page 6.
  • The sun was darkened beginning at 10 am and continued all day like night on May 19, 1780 (Joel 2:31, Rev. 6:12 & Matt. 24:29) - The Essex Antiquarian, April 1899, v3, N4, p53, 54.

  The full moon red as blood shone after midnight on the night of May 19, 1780 (Joel 2:31, Revelation 6:12 & Matthew 24:29) - American Oracle of Liberty, vol. 10, No. 472.

  • The stars fell thick and fast like rain for nearly 4 hours and the sky was ablaze enough to read a newspaper on the night of November 13, 1833 (Matthew 24:29) - The Christian Advocate and Journal, December 13, 1833.
  • Men shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase (Daniel 12:4). We are living in "The Information Age" 80% of the world's total knowledge has been brought forth in the last decade and 90% of all the scientists who have ever lived are alive today.
  • Behold, a virgin shall conceive, bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel - Isaiah 7:14; 9:6. This prophesy is about the birth of Jesus Christ which is fulfilled, as the change in time from BC (before Christ) to AD (after death of Christ) proves it (Matthew 1:18-25).

  • False Christ’s shall arise before 2nd coming of Jesus Christ and deceive many – Matthew 24:5. See Here.

  • No one will know the hour or the day of Jesus' return – Matthew 24:36. Even so, many people throughout history have falsely insisted that they knew the timing of Jesus' return, only to be proven wrong. Please see - Click Here.

  • All the world wondered after the beast - Revelation 13:3. In 1986, 1993 and 2002 Pope John Paul II held a Summit at Assisi for leaders of ideological groups, including Protestants, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and Animists etc. More interreligious peace summits are planned time and again with the Pope. Please see -

  • People would love pleasures more than God - 2 Timothy 3:1-4. This is true. Majority go on a picnic, to a pub, for a party, or watch football, or sleep! How about Church attendance? - Many only go to church to HATCH (christening), MATCH (wedding) or DESPATCH (funeral).

  • Some depart from the faith and go into worshiping spirits/devils -1Timothy 4:1.

  • People would mock about the last days and not believe it would happen - 2 Peter 3:3-7.

  • People would become lovers of themselves - 2 Timothy 3:1-2. 

  • People would be disobeying their parents - 2 Timothy 3:1-2.

  • Alternate lifestyles would increase, prosper & become accepted - Luke 17:28-30, Also see - Genesis 19:5 & Romans 1:24-27.

  • People would not control their sexual desire - 2 Timothy 3:1, 2, 6; Revelation 9:21; Luke 17:28, 30 & Jude 7. Is this not the sex generation?

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